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Decoupling Hardware and Software Design

The Open Hardware movement is a fast emerging paradigm where standard hardware and software is designed and engineered for networks, servers and storage. Compute servers were first standardized in design and manufacturing and a similar trend is driving open hardware in storage and networks. Altran is proud to be pioneering in the open source landscape, helping our clients leverage the power of open hardware.

In the open hardware model a silicon vendor (etc. Intel, Broadcom) release near production hardware reference designs to Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), who harden the design and manufacture the bare metal hardware.

Industry forums such as Open Compute have proposed standards for mechanical specifications, form factors and interfaces that simplify the manufacturing process.

The business model brings down the cost of manufacturing. It makes it easier for software vendors to optimize and harden a deployment for a target platforms. It also provides an easy choice for data center operators and carriers to select the right hardware and software.

Open Hardware Solution and Services

The choice and flexibility also brings new challenges:

  • Complex software lifecycle management on multiple hardware continuous changes on chipsets/ASICs, SDK upgrades, Linux Kernel upgrades and driver upgrades
  • It is extremely challenging to keep up to the changes to software, release cadence and continuous certification of existing and new hardware form factors
  • Test and automation for large and complex topologies. Ensuring that software and hardware works on large data centers and carrier network setups
  • Standard servers, NFV and cloud scale architecture simplify the hardware design but introduce the complexity on server middleware, drivers and speed of virtualizations

The Open Hardware movement is a paradigm shift in Networking and Telecommunications industry space, where commodity hardware and open source are a must have to accelerate time-to-market and reduce R&D costs.

Open Hardware Solution and Services

Our Services

Open Hardware Services addresses the growing part of the “commodity hardware business” in the networking and data center world. Altran offers OEMs, ODMs and silicon vendors solutions including enabling software, engineering services and expertise on open hardware and Open Source.

Some of our services include:

Open Hardware Solution for Networks

We address the growing part of the “commodity hardware business” in the networking and data center world. Altran has two main services offering for OEMs, ODMs and silicon vendors.

Altran helps its OEM, ODM and Silicon vendors to build the Network Operating Software. Altran offers its field hardened stacks and enabling software frameworks for Network Operating Software. Altran also offers a complete end to end software lifecycle management for open hardware – Development of Platform, Driver Hardening, SDK integration, Test and Automation Development and managing the Technical Assistance Center.

Open Hardware Solution for Servers

Altran open hardware solution offers server middleware development for standard CPUs from ARM and Intel.

Server middleware development for time-to-market advantage for NFV middleware development on X86 and ARM processor.  Altran helps OEMs, ODMs and silicon vendors in two main areas - Network Operating System Life Cycle Management and Network Operating System Software. 

Open Hardware Solution for Storage

Storage industry is struggling due to stagnation in its traditional market base and cloud- based system are further complicating problems for them.

Altran focusses on two broad area to create value for its existing and new clients - storage networking and cloud-based storage. Altran helps OEMs, ODMs and silicon vendors in two main areas - Network Operating System Lifecycle Management and Network Operating System Software. 

Our Differentiation

  • Proven and field hardened software frameworks for white box solutions 
  • Deep expertise in switch ASIC/merchant silicon and CPU architecture
  • Deep expertise in virtualization, driver, BSP and SDKs
  • End-to-end software lifecycle management services including platform development, driver hardening, SDK integration, test automation and technical assistance 
Open Hardware Solution and Services

You can work with a company built for now. Or you can with one engineering the open hardware networks of tomorrow.