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Leverage IoT to Drive Business Value

The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting virtually every industry as innovative companies create new business models that exploit the wealth of data these networks generate. This hyper-connected IoT world offers significant opportunity for both Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as well as device and equipment manufacturers to provide solutions that drive operational efficiency and revenue growth for their customers. Altran, has unmatched expertise in the world of communications, delivering on the most cutting-edge IoT solutions for our clients.

IoT drives superior business outcomes by attaining a high degree of operational excellence and ultimately delivering a competitive advantage. Altran provides customers with solutions that offer refined UX, allow customer experience management and maximize the usefulness of Intelligent IoT devices. They leverage advanced data analytics, AI and edge compute architectures, all in a design-led approach. This requires a set of skills and experiences that include:

  • Developing refined user experiences from the dashboard to the mobile app using design thinking and data analytics
  • Expertise in hardware, firmware, low power device design, device engineering, and IoT connectivity
  • Expertise in edge-intelligence, real-time analytics on streaming data using device algorithms, AI & ML
  • Systems integration and managed support services that can deliver powerful solution leveraging best of breed partnership components and global presence of infrastructure
Leverage IoT to Drive Business Value

We deliver design-led customized IoT solution for our customers in - Network Equipment Providers, Communication Service Providers, Cloud & Platform Service Providers market segments. Our strength in UX design and customer experience management, expertise in wide array of wireless technologies, presence in plug & play software frameworks and capability in intelligent edge, combined with our diverse ecosystem of partnerships, speaks for our ability to create value and ROI for our customers’ IoT investment.

Leverage IoT to Drive Business Value

Our Services

Altran’s expertise and services span across several aspects of industry-quality IoT solutions starting from product design and strategy to software frameworks, hardware and firmware development, device connectivity, digital platforms, security architecture, testing and use-case based analytics that includes AI and ML based strategies for data driven business logic and managed support services.

Some of our services include:

Design Strategy and Customer Experience

Plan, design and implement the entire product life cycle of new products, and identify new functionality and create value by monetizing product data by way of analytics.

Interconnected and Intelligent Devices

Altran provides an optimized and intelligent device with a focus on mobility and ubiquity. Development of complete hardware and embedded software for intelligent IoT devices that include:

Component selection and Design (Digital, Analog and RF), Sensor selection and integration, Mechanical Design, Simulations, BSP/Firmware Development, Bring-up, Testing and Design Validation, Pre-Compliance and Certification & Productization support.

Digital IoT Platform & Analytics

Highly scalable Microservices based architecture and design, storage and processing of high volume of data streams.

Deployment models as in-premise, in-cloud or hybrid. Run-time modifiable workflows and ML technologies for preventive and predictive maintenance.

IoT Vertical Applications

Native or hybrid application development for different vertical domains based on the experience strategy, UX models and guidelines by design services team.

Advanced Test Engineering Services covering full spectrum (IoT device to cloud)

Accelerate delivery of high-quality IoT-based digital products and services as well as test automation through our comprehensive testing services.

Managed Support Services for IoT Solution

Comprehensive post-development capabilities that help in deployment, maintenance and support of any next generation product and extend the life and value of matured products.


The Altran ADAPT platform offers compelling and contextually relevant experiences specifically for the children’s wearable market.

Our Differentiation

  • Ability to develop Converged IoT Solutions that deliver improved outcomes using Human-Centered design and Multi-Disciplinary approach, which leverages our Analytics and Software Frameworks spanning from Silicon Systems to Digital Platforms
  • Key partnerships across the IoT ecosystem that ensures seamless integration and faster time-to-market of IoT solutions
  • Over 25 years of experience in building carrier-grade networks of intelligent devices, communication systems, and cloud platforms with a global spread of centers of excellence near to customer presence
  • Deep expertise in hyperscale, cloud engineering, and security that makes for a comprehensive IoT solution
  • Our unique client engagement business models in Engineering, R&D, and Support Services helps in reducing churn and add sustainable revenue streams for our customer
Rapid Growth of the Internet of Things

You can work with a company built for now. Or you can with one engineering the internet of things at future speed.