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Taking Full Advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things

The energy and industrial sectors are betting on intelligent technologies to improve safety, security, raise operational efficiency and boost productivity. IoT-enabled engineering is becoming critical to bring relevant capabilities in sensing, unconventional connectivity, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and edge compute applications. As the world leader in engineering and R&D services, Altran has all your industrial engineering needs covered.

Industrial companies will thrive by leveraging the latest technological advancements to improve safety, security and processes. Many organizations are already taking advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to achieve smart factory automation, industrial process automation and smart energy solutions.

With advancements in sensor and communication technologies, we can now obtain more data from industrial plants and process the data at much faster rates to deliver increased safety and efficiency at lower cost. The use of real-time actionable insights are breaking down the silo of functions of an industrial production, distribution and operation environment, into a fully integrated, automated workflow.

This is also resulting in greater operational efficiency and increased collaboration between suppliers, producers and consumer – as well as between humans and machines. 

Industrial Engineering Service

A vertically focused offering for Industrial customers, addressing requirements from sensors, RTUs, gateways, protocols to SCADA and management systems and analytics. Altran provides comprehensive engineering services across industrial segments such as factory automation, process automation and smart energy.

Taking Full Advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things

Our Services

Altran offers services that encompass design, development, integration, testing, and support. Altran has expertise for building cyber-physical system in industrial automation domain as well as to bridge IT/OT in smart utility domain. Our expertise covers complete spectrum from sensors, RTUs, PLCs to gateways and various protocols to SCADA systems and cloud.

Some of our services include:

Industrial Device Engineering & Connectivity

Innovations in IoT, communication technologies, multimedia and Human Machine Interface are now leveraged by many companies for enhancing automation, security and safety.

Engineering of Industrial devices (Meters, RTUs, PLCs, Sensor hubs, Gateways etc).

  • End-to-end device engineering including HW, Firmware/Embedded SW, mechanical, thermal, RF planning etc
  • Embedded firmware on customer designed hardware platform (BSP/drivers, device firmware and OS bring up)
  • Embedded OS migration for industrial devices
  • Embedded User Interface, HMI, Web enablement
  • Enabling additional connectivity for industrial devices (wireless and wired), interworking, validation
  • Device connectivity protocols (W-HART, IPv4/IPv6, USB Host, ZigBee, LTE/3G, WiFi mesh, etc)
  • Domain specific protocols - C.12, DLMS/COSEM, DNP3, PRIME, G3, IEC 61850, Modbus, ProfiNET, ERT, OPC-UA
  • PLC programming and integration

End-to-end device level integration and validation: Device environmental pre compliance testing.

Thermal, EMI/EMC, shock, vibration.

Industrial System Application & Management

Industrial automation can be improved by optimizing process control and automation.

  • SCADA software development and sustenance
  • Enabling web based HMI, management and monitoring of the SCADA applications
  • New SCADA protocol support and integration with OPC-UA
  • Migrating SCADA applications for Industrial Internet by improving interoperability to make them part of overall integrated automation, add ability to exchange data with cloud-based systems, user-friendly local configuration and maintenance etc.
  • Development of remote monitoring & maintenance, failure prediction
  • Cyber security – system hardening, security protocol implementation/enhancement, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), anomaly detection either using behavior-based or other machine learning techniques
  • Mobile app development for utility maintenance engineers
  • End to end System level integration and validation

Smart Energy System Application & Management

These new systems need to be compatible with legacy Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and devices which can be achieved through a gateway.

  • Application backend platform development – outage management, demand response, asset management, workforce management
  • Integration of meter head end with OMS,  MDMS, utility billing systems through Multi-Speak and related XML interfaces
  • OSS/BSS Integration; development of rating engine for utility customers
  • Development of MDM and expertise in tuning data base handling meter reads and bill exports
  • Development of meter head end supporting meter life cycle management, management portal, customization of reports
  • Managing service assurance, new device onboarding, new customer onboarding, customer Experience Management
  • End to end testing and test tools and simulators for testing AMI head end
  • Product support activities including integration and operation in data center

Industrial Data and Context

In industries such as oil and gas, mining and chemical plants processes are extremely critical and their automation can help realize major time and cost savings.

Data analysis and processing:

  • Historical analysis
  • Performance Metrics, Predictive analysis
  • Data integration and visualization
  • Analytics platform development, cloud migration & DevOps enablement
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) analysis
  • Maintenance schedule prediction
  • Network security analytics – attack prediction

Context services:

  • Mobile apps & tablet apps for improved productivity, HTML5 based responsive web design & development
  • Advanced HMI techniques like gesture, augment reality

End-to-end System level integration and validation.

System Integration and Validation

In today’s ever changing world, every organization wants to get their devices in the market quickly through shorter development cycles.

  • Overall system integration and validation (Device, Plant level integration, plant network level integration): Hardware and software Integration
  • System level validation
  • Regulatory and safety pre-compliance testing: High and low temperature, Humidity – Cycling, shock testing; Shock and vibration testing; EMI, EMC pre-compliance testing: Electro static discharge, RF fields
  • Continuous integration
  • Release management
  • System debug and triaging

Deployment & Professional

Altran addresses the needs of the above-mentioned segments by providing end-to-end engineering services which encompasses design, development, integration, testing and support.

Presales Support:

  • Overall solution design – integration touch points with internal & external vendor component
  • Customization requirements elicitation, effort estimation
  • Demo lab for customers, proof-of-concepts

Planning & System Preparation:

  • Customization – web portal, integration connectors, reports, I18, mobile apps, analytics applications
  • RF Planning
  • Firmware/meter configuration
  • Headend/backend software preparation for deployment – data center or cloud
  • Compliance/certification testing, test automation tools

Deployment Support:

  • Deployment testing, acceptance & interface integration testing
  • Customization according to acceptance & integration test results
  • Pre-launch tests
  • RF tuning, RF fingerprinting

Managed Services:

  • ITIL based system management
  • Level -1/2/3 support, tickets & SLA management
  • Reports generation
  • Proactive & reactive system health check

Our Differentiation

  • Altran is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class services for the industrial domain through a combination of our deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of enabling software solutions and our focus on being an innovation partner.
  • Expertise in Industrial domain across process automation, smart energy, factory automation
  • Existing relationship (including ODCs) with leading Industrial automation companies
  • End-to-end offering from chip to cloud: Sensors, Gateway; SCADA; Analytics
  • Enabling software solutions including ISS, DLMS/COSEM stack for Industrial Automation customers
Industrial Engineering Service