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Enterprise SaaS and Digital Platforms
at Future Speed

Leading into the future with advanced digital platforms and SaaS solutions

Digital natives have led the way in leveraging enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and the digital platforms that companies like Google and Uber rely on to build the next billion-dollar businesses. The rapid shift has left many legacy market leaders scrambling to bridge the competitive divide. This is where Altran comes in.

Enterprise SaaS. Our domain and technical expertise ensures that our solutions meet the specific needs of clients across a range of markets, including - but not limited to cloud communication and collaboration, marketing technology, fintech and digital security.

Digital Platforms. We excel at prototyping, developing, deploying, scaling and keeping customized solutions up and running for the companies that disrupt existing markets and spearhead innovation. In other words, the digital platform leaders.

Leverage the Altran Advantage

Altran has a proven track record of delivering SaaS solutions and digital platforms that make up the core of our clients’ business models.

Leverage the Altran Advantage

Enterprise SaaS Case Studies

A Financial Analytics Services Provider

that empowers large corporations with actionable insights about company performance from massive amounts of data needed to accelerate its roadmap, address the system scalability issues and increase the level of test automation.

The company engaged with Altran to develop and test web applications to display and manipulate big-data tables, a cloud-based financial forecasting engine that integrates third-party services and a management reporting system. Altran also created a new version of a scalable cloud-based big-data solution that addressed the critical performance and scalability issues. These innovations lowered overall software cost and time to market and enabled the company to enter new markets.

A Global Media Buying Services Company

needed help re-architecting its existing platform to improve the advertising performance of its customers.

The Altran solution included a new core platform for managing data, media and insights, a new monitoring solution that included a query engine, and a streaming application capable of handling up to one million events per second.

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Provider

that offers cryptocurrency wallet and brokerage services needed to develop publicly available, open-source mobile SDKs for iOS and Android platforms and turned to Altran to provide engineering resources to facilitate the integration.

The client was expanding internationally and needed to add localization support to its flagship mobile product and wanted to guarantee 100% reliability for all essential flows, including buying and selling. Altran introduced architectural changes to Android SDK and then created a public iOS SDK from scratch, refactored the client’s main product to support internationalization, implemented an automated localization process, and delivered a solution to ensure the correctness of the main user flows.

A strong leader in digital marketing and web analytics services needed help integrating a new product into their portfolio.

The Altran solution included establishing an agile process powered by CI/CD pipelines, integration of the new application into the existing cloud solutions portfolio and expanding localization and internationalization beyond the US to support each country within the target markets, the UX redesign of the application, feature development that included integration with Salesforce and Outlook. 

The solution expanded the portfolio to new markets, optimized licensing costs, and brought flexibility in delivering customizations for the end-users.

Digital Platforms Case Studies

A San Francisco-based Cloud Communications Company

serving one million developer accounts in 180 countries found itself overloaded with manual work and needed to update its portal interface.

It turned to Altran to build 15 backend services and APIs and 50 frontend tools that replaced the manual work. Also, Altran developed a test automation framework and implemented a set of end-to-end automated test suites—both for API and UI—and redesigned a user-friendly extendable self-service portal, which increased performance by 30%.

An Identity-management Provider

that connects employees of the world's largest organizations with their partners, suppliers and customers required help to implement a vast number of complex integrations that provide a seamless and secure one-time-sign-on experience via a single point of entry.

During the eight-year engagement, the Altran team has developed thousands of on-premise and web application integrations for different protocols and platforms. All told, the company is responsible for about 50% of the existing integrations in the single-sign-on application catalog.

An Intelligent End-to-End Platform Service Provider

in the business of accelerating cloud-application delivery by combining machine learning and security with a content delivery network (CDN) was having difficulty optimizing product performance.

The immediate need was to implement a new fast and responsive version of the analytics portal and perform a seamless migration in production. The Altran team established an efficient development process and implemented reusable widget libraries and patterns that accelerated product development. As a result, a new version of the analytics portal was released for beta testing in just one quarter, and a complete production switch to the new version took less than two quarters.

The widest range of consulting and engineering services:


Growth Strategy, Customer Experience Design, Venture Design, Solution Identification, Technology Roadmap.


Technology Consulting, Engineering Operations Consulting, Product Consulting.


Platform Evolution (Cloud Migration, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment, Microservices Migration, Serverless), Platform Expansion (Integrations, Public APIs), Data Processing and Analytics, Mobile Applications and SDKs, Scalable Web.


Expert Systems, Intelligent Processes, Conversation Interfaces, Image and Vision, Cognitive Agents, Autonomous Robotics, AI Infrastructure Engineering.


Product Life Cycle Extension, Product Transformation, Global Engineering Transformation, Cloud Managed Services, Test & Support Services.

Our Differentiation
  • Born in Silicon Valley, with clients around the world, driven by design-led software innovation and transformation instead of product sustenance and maintenance, Altran’s holistic approach is purposely designed to serve and support our clients at every step along the product’s journey.
  • Altran works with leading innovators as their core clients, implementing everything from massive, business-critical data pipelines to highly scalable and extendible microservices architectures.
  • Global engineering centers that enable seamless ramp up and delivery by mirroring the exact processes and engineering environments of our demanding clients.
  • Over 12,000 software engineers, from embedded to cloud and end-user applications and 1,000 strategists and designers who know everything about software, from the way it is designed and engineered to how it is operated.
  • Through hundreds of engagements, we take complex core development in dynamic and fast-changing environments as a routine, cloud-native approach for granted and call data without the extracted value “useless.”


You can work with a company built for now, or you can engage a digital SaaS platform company for tomorrow.