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Edge Computing for Communications Providers

Altran helps Communications Providers build the end-to-end edge computing infrastructure and platform needed to bring the next generation of applications and services to their customers.

What is Edge computing?

Amidst all the hype and promises around edge computing, it’s important to identify the 4 types:

  • Mobile network edge: For mobile communications providers, the edge resides on fixed and/or mobile network facilities, which could be decentralised core datacentres, central offices, network aggregation points, eNodeB or base stations.
  • Enterprise edge: This type of edge refers to compute workloads that reside on an enterprise’s premises to keep data and processing localized. This could potentially be managed by CSPs, and used for compliance or latency reasons, or in combination with processing carried out in the telco network (e.g. hybrid uCPE-vCPE) or in the centralized clouds.​

  • IoT edge: Analytics and IoT control functions can be carried out in an on premise gateway to reduce the amount of data sent to the centralised cloud or for latency or compliance reasons.
  • Device edge: This encompasses all IoT devices, surveillance cameras, autonomous cars and consumer devices such as smartphones.

Today’s customers want real-time exchange on their mobile and wireless platforms.

Edge computing technology allows for this by taking the load off monolithic data processing centers and the cloud, and moving it as close as possible to the multitude of devices that now make up the Internet of Things (IoT).

With their distributed assets and unique network resources, Communication Service Providers are in a unique position to create value from the emerging distributed cloud and edge computing paradigm.

Edge Computing

Altran’s Edge Compute Solutions offer CSP’s an easy path to application-centric networks, keeping them relevant and moving at future speed.

We help CSPs maximize coordination of their edge compute initiatives across mobile edge, IoT, enterprise and device domains, identifying and aligning technical and commercial approaches into shared platforms under a single business initiative.

We build for near-term use cases like delivery and caching of high-throughput content, private cellular networks and vCPE/uCPE enterprise solutions, as well as longer-term use cases like AR/VR, V2X functionality and industrial automation, so that you get the most out of your edge investments.

Slideshare download: Accelerating Edge Computing Adoption

In addition to building and maintaining Edge Compute infrastructures, Altran also offers our own open-source edge platform, Ensconce. Together, these tools provide:

  • A developer community for the next generation of applications
  • Established communications infrastructure, network and platform with a multi-cloud environment
  • Network automation and intelligence for improved customer experience
  • A Proven Edge Infrastructure with PaaS software building blocks
  • Over 500 Micro-data center and multi-access edge experts
  • A comprehensive 5G offering that spans Access, Core, Transport and Backhaul


Make Your Move

  • We help our clients define and develop an edge compute platform that will support both internal application teams and customer or third party applications and developers
  • Our solution allows clients to create their own developer initiatives to serve local application ecosystems (e.g. smart city initiatives) and established cloud ecosystems (e.g. AWS, Azure), by making telco edge services available through these platforms
  • We strive for the highest levels of interoperability between both local competitors and international partners, which makes our solution both highly effective, and low-cost.

To find out more about what our Edge solutions and additional services can do for your company, get in touch to schedule a call or meeting with an Altran expert today.