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Security Software

Security Software

Altran security software offers a comprehensive suite of automated tools for future threat detection and security management solutions.

Altran's security software frameworks future-proof your business with state-of-the-art security.

The shift to software-defined networking and virtualization, the increased use of mobile devices and other factors demand a new network security approach to manage the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. With its cross-industry experience and software frameworks and solutions, Altran is the partner of choice for accelerating the adoption, development and re-architecting of the next generation of network security products.

Thoroughly hardening software during development is the best hedge against persistent threats to software, product and user security. But the growing number of pernicious attack vectors challenge even the most vigilant companies to assess and remediate security vulnerabilities thoroughly before products are released. To address these threats requires new approaches, such as leveraging machine learning for early threat and incident detection and fostering new proactive security strategies. Altran helps companies in every industry launch hardened software products with tools to orchestrate comprehensive, automated software security threat detection and management across the full software development lifecycle.

"The global network security market is forecast to grow at a healthy compounded annual rate of 4.74% through 2022, as the scope, product types and applications increase across the globe."

- Radiant Insights, Inc 

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"You can work with a company building software meant for today, or you can work with one creating the security software of tomorrow."

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