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Connecting a Billion Things

Wireless networks continue to evolve because of the proliferation of smart devices. Mobile network operators must co-exist in a competitive landscape as new players build the next generation of wireless networks and infrastructure.

Facebook, Google, Sigfox and others believe in unconventional connectivity to lower the cost and accelerate the pace of connecting the Internet of Things. M2M and the Internet of Things will result in tens of billions of devices according to projections by Gartner.

The eco-system of edge devices, core and access networks and industry applications will drive a wave of operational efficiency and new business models in every industry: Automotive, healthcare, transportation and semiconductor. Chip makers, service providers and network equipment manufacturers will focus on specialized IoT chip-sets, pervasive WiFi, advanced LTE, low-power protocols and roadmaps to 5G. 

Altran is a well-known brand within the wireless product engineering services space and has served this market for more than 20+ years. We provide professional engineering services in the wireless space to equipment vendors as well as test and measurement vendors. 

Wireless Product & Infrastructure Engineering Services

Altran's Wireless Product Engineering services helps both service providers, chip makers and network equipment providers make sense of the growing choice in wireless alternatives, enhance existing products, enter new markets and lower R&D costs.

Wireless Product & Infrastructure Engineering Services

Our Services

Altran has the history of developing assets as well as solutions in wireless technologies space by investing early in the new wireless technologies space. Altran is a leading provider of product engineering services for wireless products and infrastructure. We have helped many leading equipment vendors with our engineering services in the past and we are currently working with many leading equipment vendors for providing professional engineering services. Our services cover the complete lifecycle from feasibility studies, product architecture to implementation, testing and maintenance.

Some of our services include:

Sustenance and Field Support

We can take complete ownership of end-of-life products. Our Wireless Product engineering services cover the complete lifecycle services for a product.

We have been associated with various stages of product lifecycle for our clients. Clients can involve us in consulting mode or in turnkey basis for feasibility study, product requirement specification services, product architecture design services, product detailed modules design services, product design implementation services and product testing services. Our wireless product engineering services also cover sustenance, enhancements and field support of legacy end-of-life products. Depending upon the need of our clients, we can take complete ownership of end-of-life products and provide all services related to those products or only provide field support services as required by our clients.

Verification and Validation Service

We maintain labs for release testing, conformance testing and acceptance testing.

We also provide verification and validation services in wireless domain. At times we have maintained large labs for our clients and provided many services related product verification and validation areas like release testing, conformance testing, acceptance testing, etc. We have deep domain knowledge as well as large repository of test suites in this space and at times we have enhanced our clients test suites for better productivity and test results. We have also developed many simulators for various purposes and also have a test automation framework which can be leveraged for test automation.

Our Differentiation

  • Enabling software solutions which can be leveraged for reduce time to market advantage
  • Our technology innovation in newer areas like LTE-u/LAA, CIOT, and LTE-M keeps us ahead of our competitors. Our wireless engineering services starting from consulting to product sustenance
  • Strong and growing list of alliances and partnerships across the entire landscape
  • Constant cost reduction due to productivity improvement for long duration projects
  • Our services also cover sustenance, enhancements and field support of legacy end-of-life products
Wireless Product & Infrastructure Engineering Services