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Service overview

Testing Services

Altran improves product performance and eliminates defects fast with intelligent testing

You can choose a company that solves problems when they happen. Or you can choose a company that solves problems before they start.

Introducing testing services with a brain: Intelligent Testing Services

The accelerating pace of innovation in new technologies, networks and methodologies is forcing companies to adopt new strategies to achieve a competitive edge in an ever-changing market. Today’s hyper-competitive landscape requires intelligent test solutions that can manage the higher velocity, volume and complexity of new product releases while improving product quality, lowering costs and accelerating time–to–revenue.

Altran helps our customers take full advantage of intelligent test solutions, technology-led innovation and differentiated industry-focused and efficient solutions. Driven by AI and ML technologies, our intelligent testing and automation service is comprehensive and scalable, delivered in a flexible business model that enables clients to manage technology and network disruption. We reduce our customer’s costs, accelerate service delivery, improve productivity and quality and raise their customer satisfaction ratings.

Testing Services

Our testing solutions are infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities for smarter, faster outcome. Altran is the partner of choice for top manufacturers, service providers and software companies.