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Transform Products for the Digital Age

Disruptive technologies, increasing convergence and rapidly changing customer demands are challenging many companies to innovate and bring new products to market rapidly. At the same time, they need to keep their current products modern and relevant for their customers and to maximize revenue and profitability in the core business.

Altran’s Product Transformation Services help companies transform their mature products, freeing them to focus more on the challenge of the new. Our services transform a product by accelerating its roadmap, modernizing user experiences and enriching it with connectivity, cloud, microservices-based design, cognitive and security capabilities. Product transformation helps address new markets, geographies, platform ecosystems and deployment models to drive growth while also improving R&D agility and flexibility.

Transformation is enabled through our DNA of design and engineering, expertise across technologies, decades of R&D investments in software frameworks and solutions, and leveraging machine learning to enable intelligence in our product development, testing, and support services.

We build strong collaborative relationships with our clients. Our relationships are driven and measured by the outcomes we deliver and strategic alignment we demonstrate in these partnerships.

Product Transformation Services

Altran delivers transformative solutions that combine our unique design-led product engineering expertise, software frameworks and solutions, and outcomes-driven business model to modernize products for the digital era and maximize new revenue and profitability growth.

Product Transformation Services

Our Services

Our services align with the key product lifecycle stages along our client's vision-to-results transformation journey. Clients can source the three services individually or together as a complete transformative solution to maximize their desired outcomes.


We collaborate to assess product, market, R&D strategy and structure, and performance and help conceptualize growth scenarios, the transformation roadmap, and business cases.


We design/deliver the transformation solution at an accelerated pace leveraging our investments in software frameworks & solutions, intelligent development, test and program management.


We maximize customer value/experience of the transformed product over its extended life by keeping it relevant and by providing proactive maintenance, support & channel enablement.

Our Differentiation

  • Software frameworks and solutions across cognitive, cloud, connectivity, IoT and security which have helped 150+ clients accelerate digital innovation and product transformation, enabled through our DNA of engineering and our approach to investing in R&D.
  • Ensuring consistent customer experience with simplification, outcome-focus and no compromise, enabled through our DNA of digital design.
  • A focus on investing in design and engineering services versus cutting costs, and machine learning enabling intelligence in our services of testing, development agility and product services and support. 
  • A proven track record in successfully transforming complex legacy products and applications across a broad range of industries.
Product Transformation Services