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Smart Residential Gateway

The past few years have seen a proliferation of smart devices in all aspects of our lives, both personal and business. Smart devices are no longer just handheld devices or phones but can be any device used in daily activities. The potential of the connected home or office is being made possible by the rapid development and deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, artificial intelligence, smart routing and faster speeds all of which make intelligent gateways a reality. Intelligent gateways are now used to manage home devices, energy use, entertainment options, access control, and home and office safety.

Altran is at the forefront of providing intelligent gateway solutions that exceed the requirements of today’s digitally connected home or office. The Altran Next Generation Intelligent Gateway is a flexible offering that provides a complete set of wireless protocols for LAN- and WAN-based connectivity. The platform provides a fully virtualized container-based development and deployment environment with the ability to host third-party applications in the residential or commercial environment and is both flexible and future proof. Altran’s hardware and software frameworks accelerate time-to-market by providing hardware and software components that can be rapidly integrated. With built-in support for IoT, the Intelligent Gateway can host many applications including access control and safety, energy, entertainment, home intelligence and more. With smart routing and high throughput exceeding 1 Gbps, the Intelligent Gateway supports rapid upgrades and all relevant wireless protocols.

Next Generation Intelligent Gateway

The Altran Intelligent Gateway offering accelerates time-to-market by providing integration-ready gateway functionality. Service providers require solutions that can fill the need for a variety of applications including subscriber as well as business needs, from traditional communications and content to next-generation IoT solutions.

Next Generation Intelligent Gateway

Our Services

Our Next Generation Intelligent Gateway offering is supported by our highly experienced and knowledgeable engineering team that provides a complete set of services including hardware design and development expertise, software architecture, design and development, integration, Test/QA and deployment and support.

Some of our services include:


Services include chip-to-application design services. Operational and administrative interfaces are provided by Altran’s world-class integrated digital design services team.


Altran provides a comprehensive set of software development services based on agile development methodologies and tools.

The services include the development of:

  • Gateway functionality for content management, voice services, STB functionality and IoT aggregation.
  • Data-management functionality as a set of features that are deployed as needed, depending on application and industry usage.

Additionally, the architecture supports virtualization and associated management systems, policy-based controllers, fast-path and slow-path gateway management, IoT gateway interfaces and multi-access technology development such as ADSL2+, GPON, Wi-Fi, G.HN, LTE and other technologies.



The services suite includes full testing domains such as product validation, interoperability, regression testing, managed testing, test lab setups, performance and security certification, and more.


Continuous delivery of software using automation & DevOps. Automated deployment using products such as Chef, Puppet & Ansible.


Services include 24x7 remote monitoring and management of platforms, L1 and L2 technical support service design for capacity, availability & SLA management.

Release management and service operations


Our Differentiation

  • Altran’s design-led engineering approach ensures that the intelligent gateway design is both extendable and supportable, and will meet the needs of future performance requirements. The design ensures that our gateway can be easily and rapidly deployed in residential as well as business scenarios.
  • The flexible platform allows for fast upgrades and the ability to host third-party applications. Hardware and software frameworks assure interoperability and real-time performance and scalability.


Next Generation Intelligent Gateway