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Driving Sustainable Value from IoT

The Internet of Things matters because it enables companies to compete on outcomes and compelling customer experiences. However to fully realize the promise of operational efficiency gains and new revenue streams, every company will have to master the right intelligent technologies. And while hardware and software may be the building blocks, it will be elegant design that is a key differentiator to deliver exceptional user experiences. 

Altran is a leading provider of IoT Engineering services with expertise in design and development of products to drive growth for our clients. Some of our IoT engineering experience includes: 

  • Designing for the In-Vehicle Experience: The HMI of a car infotainment system may look no different than a consumer tablet. However, the reality is that the context of a car - where it is in space and how it connects to the user’s life and other devices - is far more complex and interesting than a common consumer device. Furthermore, from an implementation perspective, the UI frameworks popular in smartphones are not 100% appropriate for the car. frog design, unit has worked with automotive pioneers to outline the appropriate interaction models for next generation HMI - within specific screen size, physical control, mobile device and/or wearable and validated that the next generation design can be implemented by the next generation infotainment platforms.
Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering Services

  • Pioneering the connected home with smart lighting: Altran, in partnership with frog design, developed a mobile app to launch a new light product for the world’s largest furniture and home furnishings manufacturer. The unique proposition of the product is that it is a Smart Home System that establishes a platform for the connected home - connectivity inside and outside the home that simplifies and personalizes home life.
  • Migrating to industry standard protocols: We developed a new desktop application for a large specialized provider of energy and water metering technology which enables field engineers to read, write and configure meters based on industry-standard protocols.
  • Hardware platforms and software frameworks for wearable devices market: In close collaboration with a leading semiconductor vendor, we created Hardware Platforms and Software Frameworks targeting the wearable devices market. Key solution components include the Wearable Device Platform and Software SDK for various chipsets, Companion Phone SDKs and Reference Applications - Android, iOS and Windows and cloud services and operations.
  • Inventing a new industrial product: Altran helped this original design manufacturer develop a “smart helmet” that monitors location, environmental and biometric data to improve safety for factory and field workers and get it to market quickly. Altran was responsible for every element of the solution. Starting from industrial design of the helmet which was done by frog design, the hardware design of the electronics in the hat, the firmware that goes into the hat hardware and all the software that runs in the safety control center was developed by Altran.
  • Design of the next gen auto IVI HW platform: Altran helped in the end to end design and development of the next generation automotive infotainment HW platform based on the latest automotive chipset from a Tier-1 semicon vendor. This was demonstrated at CES 2016 and was well received by Automotive OEM clients of this Tier 1 supplier.

Our IoT service is a collection of world-class design and engineering services that help clients conceptualize use-case scenarios, build key components of end-to-end IoT solution and provide post-deployment product and services support.

IoT Engineering

Our Services

Our IoT Engineering services are a unique blend of design, silicon, connectivity and cloud expertise, all of which are essential to build and deploy successful IoT solutions.

Some of our services include:

Experience Engineering

Human centered user interaction design, HMI prototype, development, integration and testing, HMI porting across platforms HMI toolchain for quick turnaround from concept to real UI.

Data and Context

Aggregation and storage of data. Analytics for streaming and batch data in real or near real-time. Data visualization services for providing better insights to operations people.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud testing encompasses infrastructure testing for auto-scaling and failover resiliency, security testing for cloud applications, performance testing of applications in cloud.

Embedded Platform Engineering

System architecture/design, sustenance and value engineering, platform validation, device driver engineering and platform migration.

Connected Devices

Provide services to enable connectivity, location and multimedia in devices to support application use cases across multiple segments.


DevOps Services for software products including ISV, SaaS and Internet services to help clients transform their software delivery process and accelerate the product release cycle time.

Product and Service Design

We create systems of brand, product and service that touch hearts and improve lives. Our work creates measurable value for our clients, end users and society.

Our Differentiation

  • Industry leading product design capability (frog design) to shape compelling customer experiences
  • Strong ecosystem partnerships across the IoT solution stack from silicon, connectivity, platforms and SI's
  • Know-how in low power and unconventional connectivity standards and technologies 
  • Software frameworks (e.g. M2M gateway, hardware reference designs ) to reduce time-to-market through ready-run hardware and software components 
 IoT Engineering