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Intelligent Testing

The accelerating pace of innovation in new technologies, networks and methodologies is forcing companies to adopt new strategies to achieve a competitive edge in a changing market. Today’s hypercompetitive landscape requires intelligent test solutions that can manage the higher velocity, volume and complexity of new product releases while improving product quality, lowering costs and accelerating time-to-revenue.

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the Altran portfolio of intelligent test and automation services helps customers boost time-to-market by reducing test cycles and business risk and improving product quality and operational efficiency.

Our intelligent testing services provide automation and a prescriptive analytics approach for test-case optimization, improving code quality and test coverage, and reducing defects in the agile and DevOps product lifecycle.

We help customers transform their testing strategies with an agile, end-to-end and comprehensive approach focusing on test automation, test tools and equipment rationalization, test optimization and test environment consolidation in a multi-technology, multi-domain, multi-network setting across the key industry verticals.

Intelligent Testing Services

Altran helps our customers take full advantage of intelligent test solutions, technology-led innovation and differentiated, industry-focused and efficient solutions. Driven by AI and ML technologies, our intelligent testing and automation service is comprehensive and scalable, delivered in a flexible business model that enables clients to manage technology and network disruption. We reduce our customers’ costs, accelerate service delivery, improve productivity and quality and raise their customer satisfaction ratings.

Intelligent Testing services
Innovate with a company that is engineering the intelligent solutions of tomorrow.

Our Services

Altran offers a comprehensive portfolio of testing services across multiple industry segments addressing a diversity of customer requirements.

Our industry-specific testing services include:

Industrial Testing Services

The industrial segment is poised for dramatic growth in coming years due in large part to connected ecosystems and the proliferation of Internet of Things devices.

Enterprise Software Testing Services

Our test services, driven by artificial intelligence/machine learning, is strongly positioned to address complex testing challenges, optimize testing lifecycle & deliver results.

Communication Service Provider Testing Services

We co-engineer, co-innovate and build strong customer relationships over the long term and offer services tailored to meet diverse requirements.

Network Equipment Provider Testing Services

Network Equipment Providers are experiencing dramatic disruption due to the introduction of new technologies-LTE, 5G, cloud, SDN, NFV and IoT, among others.

Consumer and Internet Testing Services

We propel businesses to fail-test fast, perform E2E consumer electronics validations, test security and realistically measure/tune performance of eccentric load demands.

Semiconductor Testing Services

Altran’s intelligent testing is strengthening our world-class semiconductor engineering solutions, consulting services and state-of-the-art technology expertise.

Some of our services include:


We help customers accelerate benefits, minimize risk and improve efficiency by delivering industry-standard test automation solutions tailored to meet business needs.

Our AI/ML-driven test automation framework increases test coverage, optimizes the test-case suite and reduces defects.


We deliver clients both à la carte and turnkey (build, operate, transfer) solutions including lab infrastructure planning, setup procedures, management processes.

We support our clients with the implementation of a Lab-as-a Service model where lab resources can be made available on-demand to various internal and external entities. We provide SLA based managed services for high availability test environments using a controlled but flexible approach.


We deliver engineered solutions designed to align with agile and DevOps testing ecosystems by performing continuous testing and automated validation through the complete product lifecycle.

Our solutions focus on a “shift-left” test approach and help realize end-to-end test automation, further reducing test cycles and enabling early detection of defects.


We deliver flexible, adaptable and scalable test solutions for large and complex testing engagements with a focus on reducing costs, improving productivity and quality.

We provide end-to-end testing lifecycle services covering test consultancy, planning, automation and execution.


We partner with clients on their SDN and NFV transformation journeys by offering engineering services for testing and roll-out in multi-vendor platforms.

We help our clients across industries deliver service agility and operational excellence with proven test frameworks, test accelerators and deep domain expertise.


We deliver end-to-end solutions drawing on our expertise in semiconductor & embedded system testing services across verification, functional validation and embedded software testing.


We help customers deliver superior product functionality, compliance and user experiences by providing holistic test solutions.

We address key test areas including protocols, system integration, functional, performance, KPIs, short-range connectivity tests, conformance, operator pre-certification, interoperability and field testing.


We help enterprise SW organizations and independent SW vendors with end-to-end product-quality testing in a multi-technology, multi-domain, multi-cloud platform environment.

With a focus on reducing business risk and time-to-market, increasing test coverage and improving ROI.


We partner with communications service provides, mobile virtual network operators and network equipment providers to deliver complete end-to-end lifecycle testing services.

We focus on node and subsystem testing, interoperability and conformance testing, product-acceptance testing and live-deployment testing.

Our Differentiation

  • Accelerate testing cycles & time-to-market using Altran’s proven test automation frameworks, tools & automation suite
  • Cognitive driven, platform agnostic test automation frameworks focusing on improving test efficiency & effectiveness
  • Deep domain expertise across multiple industries and experience with AI/ML technology and algorithms addressing test solutions
  • Proven track record in year-over-year productivity improvements in testing and the practical implementation of onsite-offshore models for managed testing
  • Multi-vendor and multi-technology test labs powered by commercial and open-source test tools


Intelligent Testing Services