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Embedding Power, Performance and Security

The blurring of hardware and software accelerates through the internet of things. Chips, sensors, devices and software all combine to a new and compelling experiences. As hardware acceleration provides more and more functionality, embedded software needs to be more sophisticated to leverage hardware capabilities for performance and also balance power/performance ratio.

Advances in embedded computing are solving challenges in memory foot print, security, power consumption and performance. For example the systems that are responsible for car's engine control, in-vehicle infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These embedded platforms will take on more processing - at the edge - for time and mission critical decisions.

Today smart phones rely on sophisticated embedded platforms powered by multi-core processors, support dozens of interfaces from dual cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 3G/4G, NFC, GPS and sensors. All fit into a small foot print device that is powered by a battery. The opportunity for semiconductor companies and OEMs alike will be in connected device innovation in every vertical industry. Our services help clients take advantage of innovative board designs and complementary capabilities that combine the right mix of power, performance, size, security and reliability. We help accelerate product innovation and manage product variants.

Embedded Platform Engineering

Our services help clients to design and develop high performance integrated products - software, hardware and mechanical. We help accelerate product innovation and manage product variants.

Embedded Platform Engineering

Our Services

Our Embedded Platform Engineering services span hardware/board design and overall system design, BSP/device driver development, middleware/framework development and operating system bring-up. The unique services also include end-to-end system integration including hardware-software integration and validation as well as test automation, thereby covering the complete project lifecycle. This offering along with other Altran offerings such as silicon design, validation and verification and connectivity create a very powerful combination which customers can leverage.

Some of our services include:

Integrated Product Design

Covers end-to-end product design including hardware, software, mechanical, thermal, power and inter dependencies.

Our services consist of system architecture design, board design, software development, validation and manufacturing as well. This provides the customer an option to get complete product designed under one roof starting from requirements definition.

Platform Migration

It covers migration of entire embedded software stack across platforms.

From migration of embedded applications, protocols and device drivers across hardware platforms, wide range of operating systems and kernel versions and also O.S porting on new hardware platforms. It also includes migration across middleware frameworks and API libraries. Altran OS expertise spans Android, Linux, Windows and various RTOS and commercial and proprietary operating systems.

System and Hardware Design

Span product architecture, hardware board design, schematics as well as thermal and mechanical design.

Altran has deep expertise in hardware design as well as verification including environmental compliance testing. Our services also include assistance in hardware manufacturing.

Embedded Platform Software

This covers entire embedded platform software development including device drivers/BSP development, customization, secure boot, BIOS and other firmware development, customization.

And board and operating system (OS) bring up. It also covers OS framework enhancements and customization, protocol development and integration, high availability (HA) enabling and embedded platform virtualization.

System Integration and Validation

Altran has significant experience in continuous integration and release management including system debug and triaging.

This covers system integration and validation including hardware, software, mechanical, thermal etc. Scope of validation covers functional, stress and robustness testing and power and performance testing/benchmarking and hardware diagnostics as well. It also covers comprehensive test development and test automation. Altran also has deep expertise in regulatory, safety and environmental pre-compliance testing. 

Our Differentiation

  • End-to-end integrated services that combine hardware, mechanical, thermal design, embedded platform software development and complete system validation all under one roof.
  • Our Driver Migration Tool helps our clients speed up device driver migration across Linux kernel versions.
  • Our Platform Validation Tool provides our clients with an automated test framework and ready to use test scripts for a variety of operating systems, hardware interfaces and platforms.
  • Scalable talent pool with expertise in hardware, software, connectivity, protocols and user interface/HMI design.
Embedded Platform Engineering