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Agile Datacenter Networks

Altran is a pioneer and leader in converged datacenter solutions. As part of a new offering in datacenter network design, Altran has launched an end-to-end datacenter switching and orchestration solution that provides full connectivity across tenant computing infrastructure without degradation in switching and routing performance. The solution includes a full software and control stack for top-of-rack (ToR), leaf-and-spine switches and routers with an overlay network design that provides tenant virtual machine mobility across connected datacenters enabling “any workload anywhere.”

Using our software frameworks and a unique solution design, Altran can build and manage converged datacenter networks by leveraging a Layer 3 fabric with CLOS-based network design, a VXLAN-based data plane, which is extendable to millions of end points, and a control plane that leverages an overlay network that provides Layer 3 routing to endpoints. This allows datacenters to scale up, add more computing capacity, increase storage and upgrade the network fabric.

The Altran Software Defined Datacenter solution supports virtualized and software-defined network (SDN) functions, which allows for efficient use of hardware resources with the flexibility to provide demand-based network functions.

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Leveraging its Big Data and analytic frameworks, the Altran Management and Orchestration solution can respond proactively and predictably in an agile manner to ensure resources are managed efficiently. Our Security Management framework enhances the solution by providing an orchestration-controlled tool and methodology to ensure that vulnerability and penetration testing are performed as required and in an automated fashion.

Altran’s world-class digital design capabilities provide a business-focused set of operational interfaces designed specifically for automated and orchestrated networking operations. It is truly a multi-function solution that satisfies the needs of content management, IoT applications and general communications. Operations are fully compliant with standard technical recommendations.

Altran’s Agile Datacenter Network offering is an innovative approach for deploying and managing datacenter networks. Our offering brings in technology and services that drive specific business value for our customers

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Our Services

We help clients develop a new class of devices and applications are emerging that will generate unprecedented demand for mobile computing power and real-time exchange. Through our experience design services we help clients look past the limits of device processing and the latency of cloud computing, and instead bring compute power closer to the user — to the edge of the internet, the network operators' unique domain.

Some of our services include:


Services in system design and architecture for modular and scalable next-gen datacenter networks including datacenter network equipment design.

Also, ToR, spine-and-leaf switch software and hardware design and management and orchestration systems design.


Development of world-class, next-generation datacenter products including industry-leading chipsets.

Also, communications stacks and virtualization and orchestration operations systems based on preferred platform components including policy-based control and security management.


The services suite includes full testing domains such as product validation, interoperability, regression testing, managed testing & test lab setups.

Performance and security certification testing to ensure that the system is performant at all workloads and supports failure and disaster recovery scenarios as designed.


Continuous delivery of software using automation and DevOps tools and processes. Automated deployment leveraging client-preferred tool suites or Altran-provided solutions.


Services include 24x7 remote monitoring and management services of platforms, L1 and L2 technical support service design for capacity, availability and SLA management.

Release management and service operations.

Our Differentiation

  • Altran’s widely deployed Intelligent Switching Solution framework including a Layer 2 and Layer 3 stack customizable for specific networking applications
  • Integrated digital design solutions for service focused administrative and operational interfaces
  • A framework for managing, orchestrating and deploying virtualized network components
  • A comprehensive set of services that can design, develop and deploy datacenter network solutions as well as provide turnkey operations support services that are measured via world-class response times and service-level agreements.
  • Significant experience in implementing next-generation technologies including software-defined networks and network function virtualization
Our Differentiation