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Accelerating Digital Transformation

Cloud-based development and deployment has become mainstream in all verticals including both enterprise and carrier-based solutions, as the cloud has clear financial benefits for both the product developer and the end consumer. The availability of a high-performance computing environment plus the proliferation of cost-effective platform technology has made cloud-based deployment the preferred approach to any new product development. Still, there is a significant need to transition existing on-premises products to cloud-based development and deployment, leveraging best-in-class development tools and agile-based methodologies. Altran’s cloud-based deployment offering enables companies to seamlessly and efficiently plan and implement their business and product development transformation to the cloud.

Altran‘s cloud-based deployment offering provides a comprehensive set of services and frameworks to efficiently move on-premises product development and deployment to a cloud-based solution. We provide turnkey services for all aspects of cloud migration including product software architecture, microservices-based designs, design services that maximize user experience and usability, and development and test services. In addition, Altran provides frameworks for DevOps, orchestration, intelligent testing and security-testing automation.

As part of our engagement process, we design a customized workshop to help the client analyze their product business requirements, financial plan and budget, and product design and development methodologies. Altran then delivers a tailored plan for moving the client’s product to cloud-based development and deployment in full alignment with the business plan.

cloud-based deployment offering

Altran’s cloud-based deployment offering enables customers to improve the profitability of their products and enhance their competitiveness by providing a cost-effective OPEX-based development and deployment model that aligns the product’s consumption pattern to a Software-as-a-Service-based subscription model. Our design-led approach ensures that the newly deployed solution is optimized for the new consumption model via elegant and streamlined user and administrative portals. If required, the microservices-based design provides a scalable and flexible deployment model.

cloud-based deployment offering

Our Services

Our cloud-based deployment solution provides an end-to-end set of consultative, design, development and operations services to ensure that our customers’ products will be highly competitive and successful as a SaaS solution. Our domain expertise across seven markets-communications service providers, consumer and internet services, enterprise software, industrial, network equipment providers, semiconductors and technology systems providers-ensures that the product meets the strict functionality required by our customers’ customers. This offering can be paired with our product transformation solution to extend and enhance the useful life of mature products leveraging a range of attractive financial models to ensure a successful transformation.

Some of our services include:

Cloud Engineering Services

Include technology assessment, product architecture assessment and operational scenario review and design to ensure that the system is properly design for cloud-based deployment.

Cloud Implementation Services

Develop agile and scalable solutions including microservices design based application architecture.

Design and deploy operations systems and orchestration technology to manage your SaaS solutions.

Cloud Testing Services

Implement an automated intelligent testing to accelerate product deployment.

Deployment and DevOps

Design and deploy tools and methodologies that support best in class continuous build, integrate and deploy processes.

Post Deployment Managed Services

Efficient round the clock product and infrastructure monitoring, support and operations. Including deployment services and operational readiness testing.

Our Differentiation

  • Strong domain knowledge in 7 industries with focus on new technologies - including AI/ML as applied to cloud-based services
  • Highly skilled and certified staff with experience in deploying in private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure and platform offerings
  • Robust set of technology frameworks in management, orchestration and security technologies designed to accelerate time to market
  • Deep knowledge of DevOps tools and methodologies required for cloud-based deployment
  • World class digital design expertise which maximize product relevance and usability for the end customer
  • From Product Strategy to User Experience, our services ensure that your product design captures the fundamental business requirements of your customers across all verticals
cloud-based deployment offering