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Autonomous Customer Experience Through Best in Class Service Design and Delivery

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is fast becoming the dominant focus for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to differentiate their products and services and improve customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty and advocacy, which boosts follow-on sales and creates cross-and up-selling opportunities. Gartner estimates that 89% of businesses will be competing on customer experience very soon. The primary challenge for CSPs is that implementing a successful CEM strategy requires significant process change and investment in new technologies.

While the challenges of autonomous customer experience are perennial, the rapid pace of technology advances in the digital era is changing the nature of the user experience, requiring new strategies and tactics for launching enhancements to improve the customer experience.

We understand these requirements and follows a cyclical approach for autonomous customer experience through continuous process improvement. The phases of our continuous improvement process include: Knowing your customer and environment; delivering services, constantly measuring, adapting and improving the enhancements. This process requires a deep understanding of the customer network and ecosystems, delivering best-in-class services and processes and leveraging our state-of-the-art ML tools to autonomously provide recommendations for all customer touchpoints.

Autonomous Customer Experience Management Services

The offering moves CSP’s closer to zero touch customer experience management process through Artificial Intelligence and Analytics. The network self-manages, self-heals and self-protects through closed loop automation to enable better overall experience for customers.

Altran’s offerings addresses CSPs’ challenges on network performance and customer experience, quality and depth of product knowledge, ease of use and quick customer onboarding, technical support-including 24/7 customer access-and managed services for achieving consistent quality.

Altran Product Services & Support (PSS) has been working with the world’s Tier-1 CSPs for more than two decades starting from rollout of their products to market, plan & deploy, customize, integrate, train the users as well as to support live engagements ensuring high customer satisfaction at all customer touch points. Our expertise in Customer Experience has helped CSPs in reducing mean time to resolve customer issues by 40%, OPEX for managing User experience and networks by 35% and 60% reduction in customer churn by improving CX.

Autonomous Customer Experience Through Best in Class Service Design and Delivery

Our Services

Altran’s customer experience management services not only help CSPs enhance their existing customer experience management capabilities but also improve their retention rates of existing customers. Our services span network planning and optimization, technical support with high touch points, and managed Network Operations Center (NOC) services.

Some of our services include:


Altran services include implementing real-time analytics solutions for understanding the CSP’s ecosystem, including collecting and organizing data, analyzing and enriching processes.

And questioning and implementing strategies that lead to a deeper understanding of their environment.


We help service providers proactively and reactively optimize their networks to enhance the customer experience.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) to gain insight into “as-is” performance and provide the optimal solution to address network issues.


This is a collection of services that include alert and event management, incident management, release management, problem management.

Change management and service-level-agreement management.

We have experience using multi-vendor and multi-technology tools in CSP NOCs.


Altran provides 24/7 customer support services and real-time analytics, such as sentiment analytics and trend analytics, to address customer issues on time.

We provide predictive analytics and proactive maintenance to improve the customer experience.


Service fulfillment, service assurance and consulting and transformation services are included as part of Altran’s operations and business support services.

Our Differentiation

  • We understand the CSP’s customer experience challenges and have been working with the Tier-1 service providers across the globe for the last two decades.
  • We leverage our 25+ years of domain expertise in the telecommunications industry, including but not limited to wireline communications, wireless and mobile communications, network and connectivity protocols, and communications equipment, tools and processes.
  • Innovation is part of our DNA-we innovate on the newest technologies such as AI/ML, analytics, SDN/NFV, IoT, cloud and security. We develop frameworks and reusable components that provide us with a head start for providing the best fit and timely solutions and services for our customers.
Autonomous Customer Experience Through Best in Class Service Design and Delivery