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Virtual, Hyper Converged and Hybrid Infrastructure

At Altran, our focus for Technology Systems Providers (TSP) spans enterprise infrastructure, from software-defined storage and scalable compute, to a converged network fabric and integrated hyper-converged infrastructure systems. We design our solutions to serve our customers’ compute and storage needs for massively scalable, cloud-based products that power the rapidly growing services economy.

TSPs face intense competition and reduced unit prices as they navigate the Cloud boom. Altran helps TSPs deliver both value and revenue growth with converged and hyper-converged solutions. Our expertise in automation, machine learning and outcome-based models help our clients deliver superior customer experience. Our capabilities include:

  • Digitalization and human-centered design for software-defined infrastructure.
  • DevOps, containers, orchestration and virtual infrastructure.
  • Hardware prototyping, base management controller development, device drivers, intelligent platform management interface.
Technology Systems Providers

In a world of hyper-converged infrastructure, Altran provides frameworks for software-defined storage, data management, cloud-native builder model, hypervisor and storage subsystems. We bring a unique blend of human-centered design and platform software development to enterprise infrastructure solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Technology Systems Providers

Our Services

Altran helps drive enterprise digital transformation through microservices-based applications and service delivery that span multi and hybrid-cloud environments. This includes physical, virtual, private and public cloud platforms. Altran’s services cover the entire product lifecycle, from product development, implementation to operational support.

Some of our services include:

Enterprise Storage Services

Altran Enterprise Storage Services has a complete range of storage from cache to cloud.

Our solutions include software-defined storage, flash storage device engineering and data management of modern datacenters.

Converged Infrastructure

We provide product engineering services and frameworks for server middleware, datacenter fabric, cloud-native infrastructure and edge compute.

Infrastructure Test

We provide test services for hybrid-cloud infrastructure, server middleware, base management controllers, datacenter interface management, platform software, containers and Kubernetes.

Cognitive Infrastructure

We provide cognitive services for enterprise infrastructure, datacenter fabric and storage arrays including infrastructure analytics, machine-learning algorithms, intelligent DevOps etc.

Infrastructure Security

We provide a robust security posture for enterprise infrastructure and application, DevOps processes. We enable deep analysis on vulnerability assessment and execution of penetration testing.

The rapid pace of innovation is forcing companies to adapt their approach to product and service development, with an emphasis on progress over process and the adoption of open-source and third-party software. Disaggregation and commoditization of technology platforms are opening up the development ecosystem enabling new opportunities and intensifying the pressure to innovate rapidly. As a consequence, many technology systems providers (TSPs) are transitioning from waterfall to agile methodologies and utilizing microservices architecture to create value faster.

This new dynamic environment requires TSPs to continuously harden and protect their products and solutions at a pace that supports rapid development and delivery. Altran’s security frameworks are designed as security force multipliers that automate security testing and complement human efforts in prioritizing and remediating weaknesses in software and firmware throughout the entire product and solution lifecycle.

Our Differentiation

  • Software-defined infrastructure that leverages strong capabilities in operating systems, hypervisors, monitoring systems, containers and clusters.
  • Technology innovation in open-source platforms including CoprHD, Ceph, Intel Network Builder Program and Open Consortium.
  • Super-optimized microservices-driven edge compute solutions.
  • Scale-out datacenter network fabric based on CLOS fabric - powered by overlay technologies -VXLAN, EVPN, MPLSoGRE and Fiber Channel, NVMe Convergence.
  • Technology solutions for hardware acceleration for performance and reliability.
  • NVMe/NVMe-oF management, development and test validation framework.
Technology Systems Providers