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Achieving Software Defined Everything

There is a sense of urgency in the networking sector to replace traditional, close and proprietary hardware with software. With deep expertise in the networking sector, Altran helps our clients navigate software transformations in networking.

The drive by service providers to cut costs is putting pressure on the networking eco-system to respond with simpler networking equipment and components that are software-defined. A major focus for OEM's is to decouple hardware and software so equipment (routers, switches, edge devices, storage and compute) is platform agnostic - and more importantly programmable. Whether the use-case is an enterprise or cloud data center, evolved packet core or wire-line - the expectation is the rapid provisioning of services and managing the digital customer experience. Virtualization followed by software-defined networking has challenged OEM's to reinvent products and business models.

It is a reality that every company must move beyond sustaining the existing portfolios to finding new and durable revenue streams. It takes disciplined and seasoned engineering to ensure product success and meet stringent market demands and at Altran we understand the R&D ambitions for network equipment providers and service providers.

Next Generation Networking Solutions

The open hardware movement, open-source and software-defined infrastructure is nothing short of a paradigm shift. The disruption is causing new entrants such as ODMs and silicon vendors to take on the open networking alternatives for the digital era.

Next Generation Networking Solutions

Our Services

We help both equipment manufacturers and service providers identify critical market requirements for next generation networking products and services. Our product development expertise helps our clients realize cutting-edge new products and services in the networking and telecommunications industry. We combine our extensive domain expertise, licensable software frameworks and best-in-class infrastructure to help clients accelerate time-to-market and reduce risks and costs.

Some of our services include:

SDN/NFV Powered Product Engineering

Helps service providers and equipment manufacturers to leverage the virtualization and software-defined architectures for more agile and nimble development of differentiated and profitable solutions.

Product Support

Maximize the potential of your product. Our product support services team best practices,robust process frameworks & world-class infrastructure to deliver comprehensive services.

Edge Computing

Helps clients develop solutions & applications for the edge of the Internet that drastically reduce data flowing through expensive wide area communication links & can reduce the response-time.

Our Differentiation

  • More than two decades of experience developing pioneering solutions and have strong relations with leading silicon vendors, device manufacturers and expertise that spans wireline infrastructure and wireless systems.
  • Helping to bring it all together, faster by optimizing cost, quality, performance and scalability required to deploy and launch products. We leverage our wide experience with hardware and software components, platforms and frameworks to create innovative systems for network equipment, gateways, routers, switches, fiber, and Ethernet and WLAN interfaces.
  • Our comprehensive expertise includes Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies such as LTE, 3G, 2G/2.5G, and WiFi, routing and switching, Ethernet, MPLS, data offloading/communication protocols and stacks.
Next Generation Networking Solutions