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Altran North America News


Altran Reaches a New Milestone in Its Development by Becoming Part of Capgemini Group

A new chapter thus begins for the development of Altran, more than 35 years after its creation.

How Raspberry Pi and Kubernetes work together

“For practitioners who would like to get hands-on experience to experiment with the setup of Kubernetes cluster from scratch on hardware without incurring significant cost, Raspberry Pis are a viable solution,” says Raghu Kishore Vempati, director of technology, research, and innovation at Altran.

IoT: enabling next-gen healthcare services

Naveen Kumar, VP of Technology, comments that networks of sensors could be arranged so meticulously that monitoring no longer becomes an exhaustive concern for medical staff. “The enablement of new use cases which were previously not possible, such as continuous monitoring, treatment adherence, etc., will now be possible,” he says.

What's the difference between a pod, a cluster, and a container?

“A container by definition is a package with the program to execute and all its dependencies, such as the code, runtime, system libraries, et cetera, [all] bound together in a box,” says Raghu Kishore Vempati, director of technology, research, and innovation at Altran.

Altran Enhances Its ENSCONCE Edge Computing Platform

Platform integrates Intel technology and toolkits including OpenNESS to improve onboarding and management functions and accelerate ecosystem innovations.

Now is the time for 5G-powered proximity tracking

“Operators have always been on the periphery of affective computing, keen to work with enterprise networks to leverage their capabilities and develop new joint opportunities. It’s becoming increasingly clear that now is the time,” writes Patrick Kalaher, VP at frog.

Managing Kubernetes resources: 5 things to remember

“Kubernetes provides options to manage all key resources – [such as] compute, memory, and storage – for pods that are scheduled to run on it,” says Raghu Kishore Vempati, director of technology at Altran.

Is true cloud interoperability finally here?

In this piece, Arpna Gupta, Principal Systems Engineer and Vijay Anand, AVP Technology at Altran, look at some of the many options facing businesses today, from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud solutions.

Blockchain use cases within transport and logistics

Jitendra Thethi, blockchain lead at Altran, expanded further on the added transparency that blockchain can provide to customers. “Provenance uses a blockchain to register every step of the production process,” he said.